Wednesday, May 19, 2010

There is something very compelling for me about the quest for finding good things in overcrowded, highly unorganized, hodge-podge, flea markets or antique shops. I'm just waiting for my eyes to rest on the most coveted item in the place! If I love it, I'll usually pick it up, because I HAVE to hold it. If I see the price tag and realize that it is WAY out of my price range, I'll rest my hand on it briefly, just to affirm my love for said object. Weird? Maybe. But I'm so passionate about finding things that make me happy simply by looking at them - I have to acquire them! I always imagine the home they lived in before - their history becomes part of mine.

Recently, I went to Mesquite to visit my parents. No trip to Mesquite is complete without a trip to the local Salvation Army. This trip yielded an apothecary jar for the bargain price of $1, two dictionarys for the bargain price of $1.60 (printed in like 1973), some embroidery fabric, and an old vest pattern. Cool!

The following weekend and with the the bargain bug firmly established, I had to make a trip to Abode's monthly flea market. There I found this old typewriter, a piece of Haeger pottery, an old book, a muffin tin painted a fun yellow color, and an old suitecase. Check out the photos of these fun finds! I cannot wait to display and use some of these items in projects. Stay tuned for more goodness!

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  1. Sweet finds! I can't wait to see what you do with them, where you put them, etc., etc. You continually inspire me.